10 ways to reduce stress in Mom life

Happy post Mother's Day weekend! Did you have a good weekend? Or was it stressful? My weekend was good! Yes the kids are wild at times and running around like crazy but hey - they're kids! We had a lot of fun yesterday with delicious pizza and a family movie. I saw a lot of posts in different mom groups I'm in on how frustrating their weekend was, how frustrating and stressful Mother's day was. We all have our stressful days and sometimes we are more stressed out based on how we respond to certain situations. I know this first hand. So I'm going to share with you some great methods to reduce stress and these are ALL the things I do as well and it helps tremendously!

  1. Listen to music - find your favorite song and just get up and dance or lay down, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the music. I also listen to ocean sounds or sounds of birds or the rain, or a running creek. Soothing sounds are really great to listen to.
  2. Laugh!! Laughing is great at reducing stress. Look at some funny memes or better yet - find a funny movie that will have you laughing your socks off!
  3. Exercise - I have started working out 4 days a week, 30 minutes each day with my favorite music and pushing through in a good exercise routine and it makes me feel great! Exercise helps reduce stress and it even can help you sleep better. You exercise routine can be bike riding, walking, yoga, kick boxing, swimming, anything that you find interest in and can get that heart pumping.
  4. Journal - I will at times when stressed out write my feelings out in my journal or write a prayer even asking for more patience in the situation that made me feel tense and stressed. It helps to get it off my chest and feel some relief.
  5. Stay organized - I like to make a to do list and plan ahead as much as possible. I'm not a procrastinator. Even when it comes down to what to cook for dinner - I make a menu for the week and grocery shop that way so I know what will be for dinner, what to buy and it helps make it less stressful and less off my plate.
  6. Cuddle!! - Get your partner and cuddle and kiss, hug, and just spend time together. This can help reduce stress levels and provide comfort.
  7. Deep breathing - if you are feeling stressed or anxiety - take deep breaths. It will help you to relax, lower your heart rate and clear your mind and make you more at peace.
  8. Have a pet? Cuddle!! Cuddle with your cat, dog or whatever other pet you have because pets can provide happiness and put you in a better mood. I love going outside and hanging out with my corgi Cairo. He's so adorable he sure puts a smile on my face.
  9. Meditation - practice mindfulness everyday to help provide better sleep and focus and lower stress and anxiety. I aim to meditate at least 5-10 minutes a day. There are a lot of apps to help you practice meditation. My favorite is Meditation for Sleep and Calm | Down Dog by Yoga Buddhi Co.
  10. Scents - light candles with relaxing and soothing scents or use your favorite essential oils, spray your pillow with some lavender to help make you ease into sleep and experience a feeling of calm

There are so many ways to relax and destress. I definitely practice these methods a lot because with high blood pressure - stress isn't good for me so I try to respond to certain situations better and if I'm feeling anxiety or stress I am quick to destress quickly to get my mind and soul at peace and relaxation.

What are some ways you reduce stress in your life?

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Article written by Kristina
on May 10, 2021
Kristina is a book author who has loved writing since she was a child herself. She is inspired by her children, her husband Michael, as well as family and friends. She loves reading romance novels for herself of course and children's books for her children. She published three children's books already and working on her passion for romance novels. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, a Master's of Business Administration, and a Master's of Science in Accountancy so numbers is another interest of hers as well as words! She also loves travelling for the experience, the people, food, and just the overall culture and beauty of the many various parts of the world.

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