How to motivate yourself at the start of each week

It's Monday! Monday Motivation that is. There are so many people that dread when the new week begins and trust me - I used to be one of those people. I would wish another day of the weekend could be added because the days go by so quickly. Especially when I worked full-time out of the house and had to think of all I had to do at work, but then at home and also with the kids. Now that I'm a SAHMama there are some weeks where I would be in that same thought process. Nervous and overwhelmed about the week before it even started! However, I started to think differently and you can change your mindset to a positive, motivating attitude to get the blood pumping and creative juices flowing so that you can accomplish what you need to do as well as set any new goals you may have in mind.

First, remember to give yourself grace. Be kind to yourself. We can be so hard on ourselves with our busy lives and there are times we think we can do it all and then some. We can't. You must not pour from an empty cup sis, so wait until you refuel yourself. Take it one day at a time and if that is too tough take it a moment at a time. Instead of focusing on what do I have to do this week focus on TODAY. Don't even worry about tomorrow because it is not even here yet so why stress it. It's Monday so enjoy the day for what it is. Accomplish what you need to do for today and whatever you can't finish, push it till tomorrow.

If you start the day negative or in a bad mood then trust me, your entire day will just be bad. Everything will feel like it's going wrong and you will find anything to nitpick and stress about. Start the day on a positive note and you will find yourself trying to end it that way as well. Don't consume the day with what happened yesterday or what you have to do tomorrow.

Each week is a new beginning, a fresh start to start the week off on the right foot and to inspire you. Here are a few tips to start and end your Monday so that the week ends on a beautiful, positive note and you find that motivation each week.

  1. Stay organized - if things are in a clutter, the day isn't planned out then you may find added stress in your day that can be prevented by planning what is necessary and getting what you need sorted.
  2. Do a task that creates some happiness. If you're at work and working on something that is on a deadline or have a sales goal to obtain work hard towards that goal or jump ahead on your project to finish it sooner. If you're a SAHM take a coffee break. Seriously! Make your own or treat yourself to your favorite coffee spot. Go to a quiet spot and listen to your favorite song, meditate or go for a walk for some fresh air. Just something that can make you feel proud and also happy with a smile on your face.
  3. If you are thinking about what went wrong yesterday think about what you can do to better yourself today and the next day do the same thing. Strive to better yourself each day and create good habits.
  4. What are you thankful for? There are some days I would wake up and say "Ugh today isn't going to be good. My back hurts, I'm tired and the kids are already fussing"... Well with that attitude why would it be better? I'll be responding to everything with a giant chip on my shoulder and in a nasty mood. Wake up and say what you are thankful or grateful for. It can be 2-5 things you can think of each day and just say out loud. "I am thankful for my new house." "I am thankful we are all healthy." "I am thankful I woke up this morning." Saying these things each day makes me appreciate what I have and also just treasure the day and look forward to a new day as well.
  5. Lastly, focus on one task, project, or chore at a time. Don't try to juggle or take on too much at once. Multi-tasking can be great and beneficial but know your limits and be easy on yourself, especially if you don't work well under pressure.

I know getting out the bed on Monday can seem daunting and you really don't want to do it. You want to hit snooze and pause the world but just know you got this and you can easily motivate and inspire yourself to have a great week! All you have to do is try to succeed in motivating yourself each week. After all we do have 52 new beginnings each year.

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Article written by Kristina
on April 12, 2021
Kristina is a book author who has loved writing since she was a child herself. She is inspired by her children, her husband Michael, as well as family and friends. She loves reading romance novels for herself of course and children's books for her children. She published three children's books already and working on her passion for romance novels. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, a Master's of Business Administration, and a Master's of Science in Accountancy so numbers is another interest of hers as well as words! She also loves travelling for the experience, the people, food, and just the overall culture and beauty of the many various parts of the world.

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