What should I accomplish before hitting 40?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? June 17th my twin brother and I turn 34 years old! WOW! Even though 34 is still young sometimes I'm in disbelief I'm in my thirties already. Time goes by so quickly, I remember being a kid celebrating my mother's 34th birthday at home with my brothers and Dad with cake and balloons.

As I get older I always think, what can I accomplish this year and I have accomplished a lot in my life that I am proud of. I am a remarried widow to an amazing man, the mother of five children, I've owned three houses, I've traveled and can't wait to do more, and I published my own children's books! Those are all great accomplishments but I know there is always something more I can do as I continue to grow older and grow spiritually as well.

So I ask you this, what is on your bucket list of things you want to accomplish before you hit your next milestone birthday? I think this is a fun way to enjoy the year, be a BOSS and manifest what your heart desires because there is so much to experience and see in the world!! Here is my bucket list and I am excited to share it with you!!

  1. Travel to my TOP three countries on my MUST TRAVEL list - Ireland, Greece and Portugal. I absolutely love traveling. Wanderlust is in my blood so I can't wait to visit these beautiful countries and stay a few weeks at each one.
  2. Which puts me at the next thing on my list - I lived overseas for four years. I want to spend an entire summer living in a country or two with my family. I think it would be amazing to rent a home, embrace in the food and culture and just LIVE.
  3. Learn another language - I learned how to speak Spanish growing up in school however I'm not fluent and I would like to be so I need to jump onto the practice wagon. After I master Spanish, Italian is on the list!
  4. Write another book - I love romance novels - I'm a sucker for them - probably because I just love romance and stories of magic and falling in love so writing a romance novel is next on my list after a few more children's books
  5. Hot air balloon - I really want to ride in a beautiful hot air balloon here in Seattle either over a sunrise or sunset. I think that would be a magical, breathtaking experience.
  6. Take that leap of faith!! - When I was ready to up and move out of Nebraska and talk to my husband about us moving to Washington state it was scary, thrilling but definitely a leap of faith that we took and it worked out for the best! We are happy and we love it here. We built a house and we explore our surroundings and love all there is to do here. However, there is always something that we should take the risk, take the leap of faith and see how it works out and I have something in the works in the upcoming year that I'm super excited for but won't share the details yet!
  7. Take a girls trip overseas - yes! I totally want to plan a girls trip with my favorite girls and travel to another country and explore, dine on some amazing food and take all the pictures of the beauty we encounter. Someplace tropical I'm thinking - Bali maybe?!
  8. Learn to scuba dive - this is actually something my husband and I talked about - we want to visit more places in the Caribbean so scuba diving is something I would absolutely love to learn with him. Literally a whole other world in the sea that I would love to explore.

So there you have it! That is my list! I am sure it will grow and I'm hoping it will but these are the most important things I really want to do before hitting 40. I'm nearly halfway there and I can't wait...

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Article written by Kristina
on June 8, 2021
Kristina is a book author who has loved writing since she was a child herself. She is inspired by her children, her husband Michael, as well as family and friends. She loves reading romance novels for herself of course and children's books for her children. She published three children's books already and working on her passion for romance novels. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, a Master's of Business Administration, and a Master's of Science in Accountancy so numbers is another interest of hers as well as words! She also loves travelling for the experience, the people, food, and just the overall culture and beauty of the many various parts of the world.

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